selects and supplies high quality security devices for our customers.

All products must pass our high standards and must be widely accepted for quality in the market. Moreover, we even offer after-sales services so customers can be even more confident of our services and products.


Safety is not only simply a concept, it’s our company’s top priority. To control and prevent casualties from occurring, careful thoughts and designs must be put into attention. Thanks to our accumulated experience, our team of specialists will thoughtfully design systems for the highest level of efficiency. Cutting-edge security system technology is selected for each project. We even provide after-sales services for your highest interest.

  • CCTV : closed circuit television system for surveillance
  • ACCESS CONTROL : automatic access control for safety
  • FIRE ALARM : fire alarm system to prevent unpredicted incidents
  • FIRE SUPPRESSION : automatic fire suppression-extinguishing system using chemicals
  • PUBILC ADDRESS : amplify and notify acoustic sounds for communication or entertainment
  • INTEGRATION SOLUTION : combine these smart systems together for even higher performance, such as CCTV and FIRE ALARM system, and many more.


Smooth and limitless communication is the key to business success. To achieve so, we design and install computer networks, network systems, and other devices to facilitate communication within your organization.

  • NETWORK BACK-BONE : the main network
  • FIBER OBTIC : fiber optic communications permit longer distances and higher bandwidths
  • WIRELESS : an efficient network without the fuss and tangle of wires and cables


We design and install safe and smart electrical solutions so your organization’s operations may run smoothly, even in cases of unexpected incidents such as power failures. This also prevents damages from occurring to your valuable investments. Many governmental and private organizations have entrusted us to implement these vital electrical solutions for them.

  • GENERATORS : electricity generator or dynamo
  • UPS : uninterruptible power supply
  • SMART LIGHTING : well-designed lighting system
  • SOLAR CELL : this device transforms solar energy to electricity
  • AIR COOLED CHILLERS : this water chiller ventilates heat using air
  • FIRE PUMP : this system pumps water to extinguish fire
  • ENERGY SAVING : this system reduces energy consumption

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