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ELE SEC THAILAND was founded from a group of experienced engineers’ passion and devotion to apply their knowledge and expertise to create perfect electronic security systems. Today, our potential has earned us the reputation of quality, making us the one of the top choices for both private and public institutions.

Officially established in 2009 as a professional in electronic security systems, electric systems, and network security systems, we have continuously satisfied our customers throughout our decade of service—proven by the excellent feedback we received from customers.

Our full services range from providing professional consultations about systems, designing, installing, supplying quality devices, testing, optimizing, along to offering post-installation system management. Customers rely on us as the expert who truly understands electronic security systems for several reasons.

From years in the field, we truly understand how important your demands are to determine the following decisions. Therefore, we listen carefully to your insights and combine these with our expertise, creating a system that matches your requirements and complies with engineering principles. All projects are carried out by experts in each field and closely supervised by qualified engineers. Our signature is thoughtfully designing systems to be both efficient and investment-worthy.




We are highly professional and plan our work procedures efficiently.

Best Solutions


We seek the best professional solution to meet customers’ needs.

Efficient Outcomes


We can always create efficient outcomes no matter how challenging each project’s conditions are.

Look Beyond

ELE SEC THAILAND grasps the concept of optimizing our organization’s potential in all aspects,

From services to personnel knowledge and the ability to satisfy our customer’s demands by delivering excellent electronic security systems and IT networks.

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